There is charcoal and there is charcoal

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After you’ve invested in your BGE the worst thing you can do is feed it poor quality charcoal.
Not all charcoal is the same and most of the typical sources, DIY shops, fuel stations sell very poor grade charcoal. Usually a bag made up of small pieces, the sweepings from the charcoal manufacture floor.

When searching BGE related information you’ll often see the term ‘Big Lump’ This refers of course to the size of the charcoal ‘lumps’
Typically the larger the charcoal pieces, the better the burn. Large pieces burn longer that tiny pieces that blog the fire grate, restricting air flow around the fuel. Using fine charcoal pieces will delay the startup time of the BGE and you’ll have a lot less control over the fire temperature. One of the key features of the BGE.

I’ve been using this charcoal for a while now and it is a delight to use. Very little dust at the bottom of the bag and a good mix of lump sizes.
Just check out this fresh bag for example. The pieces you see were the first pieces out of the bag. The other extreme to the crumbs!

Don’t skimp on the charcoal for your BGE.
Now available in 15kg bags for € 25,00 incl BTW

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